Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February 21st-24th

Heather-23 gets her clothes from
thrift stores in Michigan and
and dances religiously every thursday

Katherine-23 describes her style
as badass.

Jeff-24 wants his spring fashion
to revolve around this shirt and kick.

Sam-22 likes gummy worms and
describes his style as being prepared
for lasers in the jungle.

Olivia-26 just rolled out of bed.

Natalie-26 only likes things high waisted.

Cassie-26 likes iceland fashion with
western influences.

Brittany- 24 completely fascinated
with Helsinki street fashion.

Christian singer from Sweeden with the
most amazing vintage jacket I've seen
in a long time.

Randy-19 wishes he could pull off
high fashion bullshit but instead
dresses like this. pretty cute i say.
Alex-20 says he gets his fashion sense
from the movie Sandlot.

Taylor-24 is studying fashion
design at Emily Griffith.
Colby-24 says her spring 08' theme
is Tokyo popstar.

Amy-33 really doesn't like her
picture taken but was nice enough to
stop and let us.

Tim-24 describes his style as bitchin'
ass shit mixed with sodo (southern

Saturday, February 16, 2008

February 14-15th

becci leah colby and chrissy

ashley and caitlyn

chris and addie

andrew and justin





heather and aaron

kate and adam

doug and leah

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

fashion show for FM magazine

the first.

Here is a brand new blog to feed your fashion hungry eyes and to show everyone what Denver is bringing to the table.