Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February 21st-24th

Heather-23 gets her clothes from
thrift stores in Michigan and
and dances religiously every thursday

Katherine-23 describes her style
as badass.

Jeff-24 wants his spring fashion
to revolve around this shirt and kick.

Sam-22 likes gummy worms and
describes his style as being prepared
for lasers in the jungle.

Olivia-26 just rolled out of bed.

Natalie-26 only likes things high waisted.

Cassie-26 likes iceland fashion with
western influences.

Brittany- 24 completely fascinated
with Helsinki street fashion.

Christian singer from Sweeden with the
most amazing vintage jacket I've seen
in a long time.

Randy-19 wishes he could pull off
high fashion bullshit but instead
dresses like this. pretty cute i say.
Alex-20 says he gets his fashion sense
from the movie Sandlot.

Taylor-24 is studying fashion
design at Emily Griffith.
Colby-24 says her spring 08' theme
is Tokyo popstar.

Amy-33 really doesn't like her
picture taken but was nice enough to
stop and let us.

Tim-24 describes his style as bitchin'
ass shit mixed with sodo (southern

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