Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 3rd- April 5th

Says his fashion icons are Bobby Brown,
Sam Morrison, Carlton Banks and Stephan
fresh out of the sexy machine.

Says this is him as he stands triumphant
on top the mountain with his arms
stretched in a spirit sense.

Kara-25 & Brent-23
Kara is dressed for a picnic in the park.
Brent is paddington bear meets charlie brown.

Christie-21 & Rachel-19
Christie says her look is 20's meets fixies.
Rachel says she is a girly mountain man
with cowboy boots.

Kieren-21 & Jeff-22
Describe themselves as hipster
scumbags on their way to day drink.

Says her 3 hallmarks are high tops,
expensive jeans and forever 21.

She likes vintage jackets, tops, bags and
dark skinny jeans.

Brat pack meets elctro clash.

Augusta-19 Anthony-18 & Jamie-20
Jamie says her mother dresses her.
Anthony wears whatever is the cleanest.
Augusta wears whatever she sees first.


Brent said...


becci said...

shit sorry brent.