Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March 20th- March 24th

Bought her poncho at a Native American
convention and had to haggle and model
in it to get the nice lady to come down in
price. Well worth it.

Oscar-20 & Nina-19
From El Paso and want their spring
fashion to be bright colors and very
nu-rave. Oscar's shoes are from Zara.

Calls his style Native American
meets grunge.

Back view of his sweater.

Is wearing her Easter outfit and looks
very Sunday school ready.

Is inspired by Japanese street art
and graffiti.

Brady (aka FANG)-30
Natalie (aka NUNO)-26
Say their personal style is comfortable
tarty and colorful.

If you like his shirt check out his
website NUNOFANG.com

Dresses like his girlfriends boyfriend.

Fellow Denver street fashion blogger.
check out her finds at

Rea-41 & Emily-22
Rea describes her style in one word,
eclectic. Emily sticks to simple
minimalistic looks.

Friends say she dresses like a gypsy
baking cookies in the kitchen of love.
She says she dresses like a 50's
house wife with a lot of aprons.

Has the best fashion sense in Denver.

Adrian-24 & Dawn-26
Adrian's style is whatever gets him through
the night. John Lennon is one of his style
icons. Dawn only buys used and vintage

Wears lots of hand me downs from her
mom. She used to be a tomboy but now
she's making up for it.

Tim (aka DJ Sweet T)-22
DJ's for middle school dances but is
aiming for high school dances.

Calls this look Colfax boho cuban biker

Charles-28 Olivia-26
Charles style icon is Robert Shaw (the old
fisherman in Jaws). Olivia is just hot.

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